Web Design - Links to Helpful [Free!] Resources

for web design n00bs like me.

Thought I would share some helpful information and freeware I have found while attending the Google-Fu School of Web Design. I'm in this for fun, not profit, so I didn't want to shell out big money to indulge my pointless nerdiness. So enjoy the free stuff, and make donations if you can - cause it's just the nice thing to do, dammit!

Disclaimer-y stuff: I have no affiliation with anyone or anything in these links; furthermorehithertoforthwith, I make no promises and accept no blame for anything. I'm just sharing what I have found and used and had no problems with myself, heretohitherwithhenceforth, et cetera, et cetera, hear ye, hear ye! Any parties that are in understanding and acceptance, click away! :)