...however it is that you may have wandered in here, as I haven't particulary intended this site for public consumption. I purchased a domain and hosting plan just to have a place to noodle around and develop my coding skilz - html, css, SQL, php, etc., etc., because:

  1. I am a dork like that
  2. Maybe I need to acquire some hobbies that don't involve systematic attacks on brain and liver cells, or vital bodily organs in general

Now, since you have been bored fascinated enough to read this far, I'll mention that my plan is to use the site in general mostly to improve my css skills (see 1. above); and to a lesser degree my html skills (again, #1.)

I will also be using MySQL to indulge in my long-time fascination with relational databases (I wasn't kidding about 1.), and my relatively new found fascination with using them to make stuff magically appear on the intertubes via php (do I need to say it?). I have a lot I want to do on "behind the scenes" kind of stuff, like CSS page styling and Content Management Systems, so a lot of the effort I put in won't be apparent from the visitor end.

Well, I think that's about enough explanation for the existence of this site. Come back if you need something to lull you to sleep. Or SFW content to switch your browser window to when the boss tries to sneak up on you. Guaranteed SFW! Mostly. Except for the swearing. And shit.